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981_009 981_009

The "Silver Sleeper" hails out of the mid-west and given her unassuming appearance, you would never know that she was hiding a 3.8L 991 conversion that, with the help of a lightweight flywheel, produced 367rwhp and 305lb/ft on a Dynojet earlier this Spring.  The goal of this car was to create a very stock looking 981 Cayman that was a true wolf in sheep's clothing so the car that began life as a 2.7L silver base Cayman coupe left looking the same way; what she does not advertise however, are her Porsche X73 Sport Suspension, Guard Transmission Torque biasing limited slip differential and Cargraphic "Sport" manifolds with 200 cell cats.  Set up for the street but ready for track duty, the car has 2.0 degrees of camber all around and our typical BGB track/street alignment for the new 981.

981_008 981_008

This 2013 981 Boxster S hails from New England and was built long in advance of the news of the pending Boxster Spyder.  Now known as "Schmokin' Hot" the convertible showed up having purchased a full Cargraphic "Sport Manifold" system with Sport Rear Silencer mufflers and an IPD competition plenum with the 82mm throttle body, but given complications regarding a CEL caused by the intake modification and an overwhelming desire for more power and torque, this Boxster got a serious makeover.  The 991 3.8L engine conversion included upgraded firmware and a full PCCB style brake upgrade with larger 350mm brake discs from Girodisc for the front and the back to join the factory Porsche yellow PCCB 981 brake calipers on all 4 corners.  As most of our customers like to do, from the outside she is somewhat inconspicuous but according to her owner, that is not the case when you put your foot to the floor, as it's rather evident that she is making every bit of 400 + horsepower.

981_007 981_007

The "Blue Beast" showed up on our doorstep dressed as a gorgeous sapphire blue metallic 2014 base Cayman with a 2.7L engine and shorter ratio stock 981 base 6-speed transmission; additional options included were PCCB brakes, X73 Sport Suspension, Sport Chrono and the amazing Burmester audio system. The car was spec'd out since Day 1 with the intention of getting a 3.8L BGB swap. The customer's existing stable features a 997.2 GT3RS 4.0L and a 997.2 GT2RS but the Beast's owner regards this as his favorite driving Porsche ever. The car is still driven on the street as much as it is on the track so the owner wanted comfort AND power and therefore the conversion was upgraded to include the 430hp Power Kit from the 991 3.8L and a set of stainless steel 981 race manifolds mated to the existing Porsche Sport Exhaust.

This car lives in Wisconsin and frequents Road America where its enormous PCCB brakes are put to the test. The car continues to get additional satellite support from BGB in terms of input on track oriented improvements for cooling and handling. To date, the 991 Power Kit 3.8L conversions are some of the strongest performing conversions we have completed.

981_006 981_006

Now residing in Portland, Oregon, the "Grey Ghost" arrived in Florida in April 2014 and was ordered with the intention of getting a 3.8L 991 conversion.  The base 2.7L Boxster was equipped with the X73 Sport Suspension and Porsche Sport Exhaust.  The car then received a 3.8L conversion mated to Cargraphic "Sport" Manifolds with 200 cell catalytics for west coast emissions requirements.  The car has the upgraded IPD competition plenum and sits on gorgerous 20" Forgeline 1-piece GA1R wheels with sticky Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.  This car gets daily driven to/from work by its owner who continues to regard this is as his ideal Porsche combination when looking for that 3.8L power and still maintaining comfort and daily drivability.

981_005 981_005

BGB 981_005 was purchased with the intention of building a car outfitted for the track with every modification needed while still maintaining the ability to be driven to / from home on the road on a day by day basis. Now residing in Houston, TX the car which never officially got a name arrived in Florida in April 2014 and received a 3.8L 991 engine conversion, IPD competition plenum and Cargraphic "Sport" manifolds with 200 cell catalytics. Once the conversion was complete, we began the Stage 1 track goodies for interior safety and installed the supplied carbon fiber sport bucket seats from the customer's former Boxster Spyder, Schroth enduro belts and the BGB Motorsports 981 4-point harness bar. Underneath the car received Eibach lowering springs, an upgraded Tarett GT3 style sway front bar and 2-piece GT3 style lower control arms and toe links. We did however source a harder rubber inner control arm bushing to maintain some road compliancy AND keep road noise to a minimum. The front brake calipers were upgraded to the 6-piston 991 front caliper and larger 350mm and 325mm front and rear disc assemblies from Girodisc were added. Pagid RS29 brake pads are used for the track while the owner leaves the OE Porsche pads on for the street. A 2nd set of 18" track wheels were added to the mix and life was made easier when they were mounted on our tried and tested MSI coated metric wheel studs. The car returned for another round of upgrades in 2015 that featured an upgraded Tarett rear 981 sway bar and a torque biasing differential from Guard Transmission.

In its first outing ever, this car lapped Virginia International Raceway at a pace of 2:03s on 1 year old tires before it received the much needed limited slip differential; speed at the end of the back straightaway read 162mph but we think it was probably closer to 157mph. The only competition that day was from a poorly driven 997.2 GT3 Cup car. Both car builder and owner were very impressed.

981_004 981_004

One of the more well known BGB 981 3.8L conversions is definitely the "Honey Badger," but we can't take credit for that notoriety as the "Honey Badger" will run down anything in its way. In February of 2014 car owner Craig O'Brien ordered his car and said "i want something with PDK that will run down anything in a straight line AND in the corner." Shortly thereafter, The " Honey Badger" was born and apparently born to eat up just about anything except a well driven 991 GT3.

Starting life as a 2.7L base Cayman with PDK transmission the car received a 3rd center radiator from Porsche and a 3.8L engine conversion. Then we began with the aftermarket modifications; the car has a pair of Sparco Pro ADV fiberglass racing shells that are sitting on PCNA 996 GT3 seat sliders and Brey Krause side mounts that allow simultaneous usage of the OE seat belts OR the Schroth enduro belts that are mounted to the 4-point BGB harness bar that is powdercoated in PCNA red. The 3.8L 991 engine's airflow was further improved via the IPD competition plenum and a set of stainless steel Cargraphic race manifolds mated to Sport Rear Silencer mufflers. The "Honey Badger" still has its stock interior and license plate and therefore requires something a bit more quiet than a full blown race exhausts system. We removed the OE shocks and springs and replaced them with 2-way adjustable remote reservoir JRZ RS Pro coilovers and then added RSS Tarmac Series monoball lower control arms, toe links and sway bar drop links for the upgraded 991 GT3 front sway bar. Added suspensnion rigidity came from the additional Windrush Evolutions front engine mount. In an effort to improve corner entry and exit grip we installed a Guard Transmission clutch type limited slip differential for PDK and then bolted super stick Hoosier GT slick tires to the lightweight 3-piece Forgeline GA3R racing wheels that are mounted on MSI Racing Products metric Porsche wheel studs. The car's Techart rear wing base and uprights are used to mount its Crawford Composites 72" IMSA spec GT3 Cup wing in an attempt to add high speed grip to a car that already has an abundance of it.

This car typically sees the track 20 - 25 days per year and in 2 years has only required a fluid flush, tires, brakes and fuel to keep terrorizing unsuspecting GT3 owners.

981_003 981_003

The story of 981_003, A.K.A. "ChuckBox" is a sad one. In February 2014 the car's owner "Chuck" arrived at BGB with his 2013 Boxster S in search of a 3.8L conversion and more power and torque. Chuck's acquisition was one that he had planned for over much of his life and realizing that life only comes once, he opted for the 430hp "Power Kit" cylinder heads to be added to his exsiting 3.8L 991 conversion. He had just entered the car in a race on the ice in Colorado and he was ready to start trying his hand at Driver's Education events. "ChuckBox" was the 1st Power Kit conversion we completed for the 981 and after the conversion, Fabspeed mufflers were added with Fabspeed manifolds that featured 200 cell catalytic converters. To further improve handling and braking we purchased and installed an X73 factory Sport Suspension and upgraded his front brakes to those of a 991 C2S, installing 6-piston calipers and 340mm front discs. Sadly enough, Chuck was only able to enjoy his 3.8L Boxster for a year before he passed away in his sleep this past winter. Godspeed Chuck...we have no doubt that you are up there helping with the sale of BGB 3.8L Caymans and Boxsters and we really just wish you were still here to enjoy your car!

981_002 981_002

In late 2013 we first met "Super Banana" when she showed up in Florida after being rescued from a dealership lot in Houston. With less than 6000 original miles, the 2.7L base Boxster was loaded on options and made the perfect donor vehicle for BGB's first 981 3.8L Boxster conversion. The owner wanted a "sleeper" so at first, the only revisions made to the car were to install the 3.8L 991 engine and larger 991 6-piston calipers and rotors. The front and rear brake calipers were sent out for Speed Yellow powdercoat to match the exterior paint and that was it. Super B was boxed up and shipped to Connecticut and was on track at New Hampshire International Raceway the next day. Upon receipt of the car, the owner was ecstatic but when Winter 2014 arrived, "Super B" was sent back from Connecticut to Florida for more upgrades. Round 2 yielded Cargraphic stainless steel "Sport" manifolds and mufflers, an IPD competition plenum, upgraded BMC air filters, stainless steel braided brake lines and the X37 factory Sport Suspension. We peformed an oil and gearbox fluid change, bled the brakes for the next Driver's Education event and gave her some 3.8L recognition via a black stripe at the bottom. While she is still somewhat of a sleeper, those that know, know better!

981_001 981_001

During our 2013 racing season we made the decision to try and produce for sale a 3.8L 981 that we purchased from the dealership as a brand new car that we would equip with a larger 3.8L 991 engine. The plan was to buy a car, buy a new engine, install the new engine and then sell it via consignment on the showroom floor. The brakes were upgraded with the 991 6-piston front brake calipers, pads and 340mm discs; all 4 front and rear calipers were sent out for Porsche Acid Green caliper paint. We added Eibach 981 lowering springs and 20" single piece GA1R lightweight wheels from Forgeline with sticky Michelin Pilot Super Sport rubber. Shortly thereafter, "Black Betty" was born but she was such a hit that before she arrived at the dealership, we had it sold to someone in Seattle that absolutely had to have her. The car returned to BGB later that week where it received 991 Power Kit cylinder heads to increase the car's ultimate crank horsepower and torque capabilities before being shipped to the other side of the country to be put on track immediately.

981_010 981_010

Now affectionately known as the "Dark Knight," this car started life as a 3.4L 981 Cayman S with the 7-speed PDK transmission.  The car had previously visited the shop in January 2015 for a firmware upgrade to accommodate the larger 82mm throttle body that was installed.  During his winter visit to BGB the Dark Knight's owner swore that he would return for a 3.8L conversion later that year and shortly thereafter a plan was hatched to build what has become our most sout 3.8L 981 build to date, featuring PDK mated to an x51 Power Kit engine, which is not available on the upcoming GT4.  Prior to the conversion the car already had Fabspeed "sport" manifolds with 200 cell catalytics, the larger 82mm throttle body and upgraded firmware for the ECU; the conversion yielded a 3.8L 991 "Power Kit" X51 engine, Cargraphic stainless steel "Sport" Rear Silencer mufflers, BMC air filters and an aftermarket flash tailor made for its Power Kit engine that has an additional 150 RPM on tap to stretch shift points.  The car was dyno'd with a resulting 375rwhp that was repeatable within 1 horsepower after 6 back to back runs in the dead of summer.  For improved aero a Techart rear wing base, uprights and wing were sourced as well as the Techart front spoiler.  For increased stopping power, upgraded Brembo 6-piston calipers are mated to 380mm brake discs; the rear calipers are also Brembo with 340mm discs to maintain braking balance on the track. Larger 15mm hubcentric wheel spacers were installed for maximum track to try and capitalize on the improved platform made possible by a set of Bilstein PASM speficic dampers that feature the UmbrellaAutoDesign lift kit which allows access to steep curbs and driveway entries by raising and lowering the front of the car by as much as 3" with the flick of a switch.  In addition to the mods listed above, substantial work was executed to prevent things in the engine bay from heat soaking to try and enhance the OE heat exchangers' ability cool both the fluid for the PDK clutches and the oil for the engine.  Further fabrication was executed to keep the exhaust heat from heating things like rear brakes and rear shocks with the hopes of making them less susceptible to the heat soak that plagues the mid engine layout.

981_011 981_011

981 conversion #011 currently does not have a name; what is even more of a travesty is that this car's owner had to wait another 2 weeks for his baby to arrive due to a mechanical failure with one of the transport company haulers.  With only 2K miles on the odometer, this car made a 5000 mile round trip to and from Seattle for the 3.8L swap that is now bolted to its existing Cayman S PDK 7-speed transmission. The car owner shipped the Techart wing base, uprights and wing directly to the shop where they were sent out for paint and installed on the car along with additional power modifications in the form of newly redesigned stainless steel Cargraphic "Sport" longtube manifolds that are mated to a Cargraphic 981 stainless steel Sport Rear Silencer muffler system.  An IPD competition plenum and BMC filters were added for increased air flow while the front brakes were replaced with larger 991 3.8L Carrera S 6-piston calipers and 340mm brake discs; the OE brake pads were retained while Pagid RS29 brake pads were sourced for track duty.  With the addition of the aftermarket ECU from Germany, the power and torque curves have been smoothed out, the RPM limit has been increased to 7960 and power output at the crank is estimated at 415hp.  The owner's wish was to have more power than the upcoming GT4 street car while maintaing the PDK so that the car can be driven to/from work every day in stop/go traffic without shifting.