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Our engineering of both the 911 and Cayman chassis for racing began with stock OEM vehicles that required hundreds of hours to convert to race cars. We have spent over 15 years building these stock street cars with the purpose and intention of going racing with them. Unlike the purpose built factory GT3 Cup Cars you see raced in Europe and in the Rolex 24 Hour, the cars we raced in the IMSA Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge Series started life on showroom floors and required countless labor hours to deliver what you used to see racing on your television. We have actually lost count of how many current generation Porsche Caymans and 911s we have built for the track for customers that have ranged from grassroots level drivers starting at the very beginning all the way to top tier professional teams that have contracted BGB for their race car building knowledge.

The list of potential modifications is near endless so if you are interested in a BGB built Porsche track or race car, please call today!